Faculty & Staff

Bodine Faculty and Staff

Administration & Support Staff

  • Rich Mitchell, Principal, rmitchell2@philasd.org
  • Matthew Tossman, Assistant Principal, mtossman@philasd.org
  • Shakira Harper, Climate Manager, sharper@philasd.org
  • Maggie Frymoyer, Program Coordinator, mfrymoyer@philasd.org
  • Richard Baker, School Safety Officer, rabaker@philasd.org
  • Shawana Davis, School Safety Officer, sdavis2@philasd.org
  • Neida Espinosa, Secretary, nespinosa@philasd.org
  • Amir Bailey, Computer Support Specialist, abailey5@philasd.org
  • Denise Dyson, Student Climate Staff, ddyson@philasd.org
  • Migdalia Lopez, Student Climate Staff, mlopez@philasd.org
  • Kelly Wilson, Supportive Services/Student Climate Staff, kwilson@philasd.org


  • Stacy Washington, swashington4@philasd.org

English Department

  • Kelli Mackay, IB Coordinator, kmackay@philasd.org
  • Barbara Cannuli, bcannuli@philasd.org
  • Lauren Geschel, lgeschel@philasd.org
  • Stephen Quaranta, squaranta@philasd.org

Math Department

  • David Fischer, SBTL, dfischer@philasd.org
  • Peter Gasiorowski, pgasiorowski@philasd.org
  • Veronica Morant,  vmorant@philasd.org
  • Marty Moyers, mtmoyers@philasd.org

Science Department

  • David Bungard, dbungard@philasd.org
  • Devina Harnita, dharnita@philasd.org
  • Aaron Oberman, Roster Chair, aoberman@philasd.org
  • Laura Williams, lwilliams8@philasd.org

Social Studies Department

  • Alex de Arana, adearana@philasd.org
  • Stephen Grosso, Roster Chair, sjgrosso@philasd.org
  • Kate Reber, SBTL, kireber@philasd.org
  • Joseph Remy, jremy@philasd.org
  • Antoine Stroman,  astroman@philasd.org

World Language Department

  • Barbara Cannuli, bcannuli@philasd.org
  • Anabela Dos Santos, adossantos@philasd.org
  • Carlos Dos Santos, cdossant@philasd.org
  • Jocelyn Hernandez, jhernandez3@philasd.org

Art Department

  • Marita Fitzpatrick, mfitzpatrick@philasd.org
  • Jeffrey Kolman,  jkolman@philasd.org

Music Department

  • Jonathan Katz, jkatz@philasd.org
  • Luis Russo, lsrusso@philasd.org

Physical Education/Health Department

  • Michael Schieber, Athletic Director, mschieber@philasd.org
  • Craig Whitehead, cwhitehead@philasd.org

Business Department

  • Aaron Greberman,  agreberman@philasd.org


  • Angelique Gravely, Counselor, agravely@philasd.org
  • Stephanie Tedesco, Counselor, stedesco@philasd.org
  • Morgan Moore, Heights College Access and Equity Coordinator, mmoore@heights.org

Special Education Department

  • Joy Harris, Special Education Case Manager, jharris@philasd.org
  • Rachel Strunk, Special Education Teacher, rstrunk@philasd.org
  • Alex Friedlander Moore, School Psychologist, afriedlandermoore@philasd.org
  • Kacie Hay, Speech Therapist, khay@philasd.org
  • Tyler Adam, Special Education Assistant, tadam@philasd.org
  • Donna Patterson, Special Education Assistant, dlpatterson@philasd.org


  • Donte Smalls, Building Engineer, dsmalls2@philasd.org
  • Tracey Palmer, Custodial Assistant, tpalmer@philasd.org
  • Edward Adams, Custodian, edadams@philasd.org
  • Darrell Ingram, Custodian, daingram@philasd.org
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Custodian, jrodriguez@philasd.org
  • Margaret Wanamaker, Custodian, mwanamaker@philasd.org

Food Services

  • Tanya Boulware, Food Services Manager II, tboulware@philasd.org
  • Kevin Wynn Ferguson, Food Services Utility Worker, kwynnferguson@philasd.org
  • James Bragton, Food Services Assistant, jbragton@philasd.org
  • Kyleah Hudson, Food Services Assistant, kjhudson@philasd.org
  • Brenda Johnson, Food Services Assistant, bljohnson@philasd.org